Ryung and Smidgeon bowing to each other in the mess hall.
 Ryung creates the Oh-Ryung-Hon lineage symbol out of smoke at the ceremony for his second tail ring. 
 Gracie flying high over the air turret.
 Ryung and his friends enjoy a light breakfast before heading into the nearby town for the day. Who knew dragons liked cinnamon rolls! 
 Elisarah at the cider bar. I really love how graceful her tail is here. 
 Similar to Ryung's first ring ceremony, here he accidentally blows a huge fireball of the lineage symbol above the crowd. He's found the element of fire!
 Ryung has found the element of fire, but he's far from mastering it. He and Philip struggle to connect with the element in order to enter the Fire Dragon Turret. 
 The Cave-Mate ceremony of Gracie and Samuel. Honestly these two are super adorable and I loved drawing them. 
 Xavier attacking Elisarah by a pool of toxic sludge. I absolutely loved drawing how gross Xavier becomes. 
 This one is probably my personal favorite of all. Elisarah looks so amazing and the swoop of Gracie's wings is just wonderful. Plus I got to draw a giant monster, so this book really had everything.
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